Christmas Advent calendars

Published on 11/8/18

By Melody Larson

I got excited about Advent calenders yesterday. Aldi released them in stores on 11/7 and I made a special stop after work to get one. Aldi was releasing a $60 wine Advent calendar and a $13 cheese Advent calendar for the first time this year in the U.S.

The wine one was a little pricey but I totally wanted it. I needed a chocolate Advent calendar too for my 5 year old son. I got one for him last year for the first time and he loved it. It was so exciting for him every day in December to open up the door to eat the small piece of chocolate.

I had to pick up my son first and then we drove to Aldi. We went right for the Advent calendars when we got there and even asked an employee where it was located. She showed me where the cheese Advent calendar was and I took one. She said they sold out of the wine Advent calendar this morning since the store only got 18 of them in. Oh well.

My son picked out a chocolate Advent calendar. Oh Aldi also had a Hot Wheels toy advent calendar as an alternative to the chocolate. There are also lots of Advent calendars on Amazon too. Now we wait until December 1 to start the fun!

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