Hunger Street Tacos

Published on 11/8/18

By Melody Larson

I went to Hunger Street Tacos recently to check out their murals and tacos.

This mural was near the entrance. The murals here are by the Lapiztola art collective. It consists of the graphic designers Roberto Vega and Rosario Martinez, architect Yankel Balderas and artist Liseth Amaya.

1) Front of building mural: “La Palabra Florece” which means the word blossoms

2) Side of building mural: “Planting dreams, harvesting hopes”

Next are the tacos:

I got one hibiscus taco, a fried avocado taco and chips & guacamole. My favorite was the fried avocado taco. I could have had 3 of those. I hear the queso is good here too so I have a reason to come back.

I also got a strawberry sangria and it was amazing. It contained strawberry puree, chile piquin, Sprite and sugar. It was a perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The music was good too in the outside seating area. I enjoyed the chill vibe there and was dancing a little in my chair.

The bathroom was also decorated with Frida Kahlo which I love.

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