Kava Cove Lounge

Published on 11/8/18

By Melody Larson

Have you ever tried Kava drink before? There was a kava lounge across the street from Hunger Street Tacos so I walked across the street to check it out.

The bartender helped me with my questions about kava and which one to try as a newbie to kava. I sampled the soloman and it had a more earthy flavor. So I decided to go with a fruity flavored kava drink. The employees there were so helpful and friendly.

This is the instant happiness kava drink (peach and mango.) It looked like a bowl of soup. It made my tongue numb but they said that is normal. I felt relaxed after drinking it but not that different. The kava bar is a good alternative to alcohol if you don’t drink alcohol.

What is Kava? It is a small shrub from the South Pacific islands. The plant is a member of the nightshade family of plants. Pacific islanders have used it for hundreds of years as a ceremonial drink to promote a state of relaxation. The roots are made to prepare a drink that relaxes without interfering with mental stability. Kava is the national drink of Fiji.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, recently drank Kava drink on his tour of Fiji. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh also drank Kava when they visited Fiji in 1982.

The kava drink and kratom had different effects. I just tried the kava but I want to go back to try the kratom.

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