The Pinball Lounge

Date: 11/13/18

By: Melody Larson

The Pinball Lounge is so much fun! I took my 5 year old son here recently. It would be a great date night or with kids. It’s a room of pinball machines that run on quarters. There is a dollar to quarter converting machine in the room. The Pinball Lounge is located at a side door at the Oviedo Bowling Center.My favorite was the old school Creature From the Black Lagoon pinball machine. My son’s favorite was the Jurassic World pinball machine since the dinosaur head moved to put the ball in it’s mouth.

My son had about 45 minutes of fun for $5 in quarters. Some of the newer pinball machines are $1 per play but most are $.75 per play. I had fun just watching him too. There is a stool available for younger kids.

NOTE: My only con was that the Ghostbusters pinball machine broke in the middle of playing and the Game of Thrones pinball machine paddles hardly work. But hey we still had lots of fun for $5.

There is also a bar nearby and bowling.

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