Astro Skate Family Fun Center

Posted 11/30/18

By Melody Larson

I felt like a kid again roller skating at Astro Skate Family Fun Center. I had a blast with the music and my hair blowing. I was even dancing a little while skating. I used to go roller skating every weekend with my sister when I was a kid. I’ve only been roller skating a few times as an adult. They played new and old school music. See their website for the open skate days, family nights and adult only nights.

My 5 year old son had never been to a skating rink before so he used the wheeled walker they have available. He was falling down a lot at first even with the walker. He got frustrated, sat down on a bench and pouted for a moment.

But I convinced him to try again on a carpeted area where no one was around. He practiced for a moment and felt better. I encouraged him and explained how everything takes practice. He went back out in the skating rink with the walker. He ended up skating around the skating rink with the walker 14 more times! He was counting it. He only fell a couple more times. We took turns skating slow next to him. He then was smiling and having fun. He said he wants to come back. Woot woot.

1) The rental skates look original from the 1990’s and my skate laces were frayed.
2) The are some worn out areas inside the building that could use some updating. The toilets were also separated from the sinks in the bathroom. The sinks were in an open sink area where everyone can see you wash your hands. Why?
3) The first part when you pay at the entrance had a line going outside the door. Maybe this step could be made more efficient? But we still had a fun time.

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