Oviedo Brewing Co.

I checked out Oviedo Brewing Co. on Saturday and it was a mixed experience. It’s located at the Oviedo Mall but it has it’s own external entrance. Let’s talk about the good and the bad. They just opened up a few months ago so I hope they are still working out all the kinks. Maybe I caught them on a bad day? I’ll have to return again to see.

1) The porter and red bug beer was good. There is a big selection of beers. They had only 6 beers on tap they made in-house the rest are from other breweries.

2) Lots of seating options and it’s a huge place.
3) Self dispensers for water

4) I liked that they had food and beer so it’s family friendly. Not just an adult brewery/bar.

1) I got a beer flight but there were no beer flight paddles. I had to carry my 5 small glasses to my table from the bar a few glasses at a time. I didn’t want to mix them up on the list he wrote down of the beer names. The bartender said he had no tray or anything. I saw the waitress had trays. The bartender said they are ordering the flight paddles and will have them in about a month. 🤷

3) Half of my pizza was burnt but my son’s pizza was not. I kept tasting burnt flavor. I told the waitress about it. She said she would tell the kitchen staff but she never got back to me on it. The white cheese pizza had no ricotta cheese on it either and was a thin crust. 🍕

4) We asked the waitress for a to-go pizza box twice. She took our empty plates/glasses but still no pizza box? The pizza wasn’t that great but we had leftovers and I hate wasting food. We ended up taking our extra pizza home on paper plates. 🤷

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