Andres Bank Mural

This is the Andres Bank Mural by Antonio Martinez Andres that was painted in the 1950’s. It is a 20 foot long tiled mural at Lake Concord Park in Casselberry. It’s located in a City Hall outside breezeway.

The mural was previously located in the old Wachovia Bank building prior to being demolished in 2013. The mural was once the showcase of the building and loved by the community. The mural was hidden behind a wall in 1994 during remodeling. The former bank president David Powers contacted the city about the mural when he heard the building was going to be demolished in 2013. A group of officials entered the dark abandoned building with flashlights and found the mural behind the wall.

The tiled mural was carefully moved by numbering, photographing and cataloging each piece. It took 2 years for the artist Ulysses Mora to restore the mural. Many artists in the community came together to help preserve this artwork for many future generations to enjoy.

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