Orlando Cat Cafe

I visited the Orlando Cat Cafe in Clermont today. The cats are all adoptable via SPCA so I had to try not to fall in love with one. (I already have a cat and dog at home.) It was fun playing with the kittens. It was a stress reliever.

You can get coffee and food at Axum Coffee connected but separated by a door to the Cat Cafe. You can bring it into the cat area. There are 12-15 cats roaming freely that you can play with and pet.

It was very clean in the cat area. There was a cat door leading into a separate litter box area and no smell. You can’t pick up the cats. It is located in Clermont – not Orlando (45 minute-1 hour drive).

There are designated children day/times if you visit with kids under age 12. Booking your timeslot ahead is recommended. They have special events too like yoga with cats and high tea with kitties.

This is the kitty latte, mango macaron and the coconut cream bombe at Axum Coffee connected to the Orlando Cat Cafe. You enter and pay for The Cat Cafe through Axum Coffee. They have a viewing window into the cat play area.

You can get food/drinks here and then bring them inside with you. I loved both Axum Coffee and The Orlando Cat Cafe during my visit on Sunday. I need cats on all my food and drink now.

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