How to Have an IKEA date

I went to IKEA in Orlando on a kid free date on Friday. Hello, air conditioning. I know it’s just a store but it’s really an experience. There are two levels, a kids play area, a restaurant, Swedish food market and a bistro. You can easily spend 2-4 hours here if you start at the beginning of the route. Remember the IKEA date scene from the “500 Days of Summer” movie?Get lost among the rugs and couches with Swedish names. Fantasize about your house looking like the rooms. I asked my husband if we should get a unique light fixture, eyeball rug, dragonfly lights, dog butt hook and yellow bookcase? He said no to all LOL. We each picked out some items though.

We had the pear cider, Swedish meatballs, vegetable balls and desserts in the restaurant upstairs. They have a genius food tray and plate cart so you don’t have to carry it. The vegetarian hotdogs, $1 frozen yogurt and pre-packaged Swedish food are in the Bistro area by the exit.

Tips for an IKEA Date
1) Go on a weekday. The weekends are busier.
2) Follow the whole store route via the arrows on the floor. But there are shortcuts on the map if you are in a hurry.
3) Eat at the restaurant.
4) Wear comfortable shoes. The store is huge with lots of walking.
5) Buy some pre-packaged food from the Bistro to enjoy later. Lingonberry preserves are a must.
6) Make sure to check out the deals in the discount section near the check out area. $1 cups anyone?

This is not a sponsored post or an ad. I was not paid or hosted to post about this.

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