Truffles & Bubbles class

I had a girls night out on Friday with my sister. We went to a Truffles & Bubbles class at Peterbrooke Chocolatier in Winter Park. The class included two glasses of bubbly, dipping a chocolate covered strawberry and dipping/decorating 10 truffles. Reservations are required for the class. The class was fun. The champagne was served in chocolate dipped flutes. The employee told us about the history of chocolate. She then showed us how to dip and decorate. We wore aprons and gloves. I didn’t take photos of some parts since it was messy. We then got to dip the truffles in either dark, milk or white chocolate. (Is white chocolate even chocolate though?) I dipped mostly in dark chocolate. The truffle decorations included sprinkles, coconut, sea salt and chile powder. I think the black sea salt was the best topping. Only 8 truffles fit in the box so I had to eat two of them. The box of truffles I brought home were eaten by my family so fast.

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