Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Orlando

Posted 9/9/19

By Melody Larson

Boarding passes

Al aboard the Ship of Dreams! We visited the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Orlando located on International Drive on Saturday. I saw this Titanic exhibit when it was a traveling exhibit about 10 years ago at the Orlando Science Center.

My son and his friend at school have been obsessed with the Titanic lately. They both draw the Titanic ship and want to watch Titanic YouTube videos. So I met up with his friend and his mom for a playdate at the Titanic exhibit.

We learned all about the ship, the people aboard and the tragedy. You get a White Star Line Titanic passenger boarding pass with information about a real person on the ship. The boarding pass includes the person’s name, age, class and information. You found out at the end if the person survived or not. We got a 25 year old woman from 1st class and a 25 year old man from 3rd class. I guessed that the woman survived and the man did not. The opposite was actually true.

The exhibit notated the real artifacts from the Titanic ship wreck with a red flag on the item information card. The other items were from the same time period or from the sister ship. There is also a dinner event offered here too. 

The kids’ favorite part was touching the iceberg at the end. There was also a touchable piece of the Titanic before entering the giftshop. There was no photography allowed inside the exhibit so I couldn’t take that many photos. The Titanic exhibit want you to buy their green screen photos at $15 each.

Menu replica
Gift shop items
Touching iceberg
Checking to see if my person survived
Back of boarding pass

Note: This was not sponsored, an ad or hosted.

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