Self Driving Electric Shuttle

Posted 11/12/19

By Melody Larson

Self driving electric shuttle

I rode the self driving electric shuttle service in Lake Nona. It started in September. The two Learn Lake Nona Move Nona shuttles are manufactured by Navya and operated by Beep. They travel on a fixed route on Tavistock Lakes Blvd to two stops: outside the Lake Nona Pixon building by Lake Nona Town Center and the Laurate Park Village Center (near Canvas restaurant. The plan is to eventually increase the number of shuttles and routes.

The attendant’s “steering wheel” and tablet

The self driving electric shuttles navigate by using sensors and GPS to adjust to traffic conditions. There are attendants on each bus and they can take over the manual operation of the shuttle at any time. The attendant was using a tablet like screen and a video game controller.

The shuttle stop

The air conditioned shuttles are currently free to ride during the initial launch period and carry up to 10 people. The shuttle travels at a maximum of 15 miles per hour right now but may go faster in the future.

Me and the shuttle

You must sit, buckle your seatbelt and hold onto a railing inside the shuttle. Be prepared that the shuttle does make hard stops if it senses something in the way. The shuttles currently operate from 10am-2pm and 6pm-10pm but these hours may change in the future. The shuttle arrives at the stops every 10-15 minutes. You can do a 20 minute round-trip by just telling the attendant.

Inside the shuttle

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