Anne Frank VR

By Melody Larson

Posted 11/18/19

The Anne Frank VR headset

I visited the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida in Maitland recently. I went there to do the free Anne Frank virtual reality (VR) Beyond the Bookcase tour I heard about on NPR. The Anne Frank House partnered with Force Field VR to create it.

Where you sit for the Anne Frank VR

My first question was: Are the VR sets and headphones clean? The VR set goes right on your face. The employee assured me that they clean everything in between use. Ok good.

Anne Frank’s diary

The VR recreates the Secret Annex where Anne Frank lived in hiding from 1942-1944. You see what life was like in the attic as you are guided through the rooms by Anne. The VR is available in 7 languages and is 25 minutes long. The VR is only for children over the age 13. There were groups of high school students there doing the VR. You sit down during the VR but I moved around in my chair a little.

The rooms in the hiding place that you explore

The VR made history come to life. Wow! The employees there were also super nice and helpful. The center and VR experience is free but donations are accepted. The Center’s website states the VR experience exhibit is there until 2023.

Patrons using the VR

Note: This is not sponsored, an ad or hosted.

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