Hollieanna Groves

By Melody Larson

Posted 11/20/19

Fresh citrus

I visited Hollieanna Groves local citrus store in Maitland recently. I drove past it and then did a u-turn. Hold up. I had never been there before but I’ve been wanting to go to a local citrus stand. The stand had locally made citrus, fresh OJ, jams, key lime pie, salad dressings and honey. I was tempted to buy all the honey flavors. I had to check it alllllllll out.

Local honey and jams

I sampled the fresh OJ. Wow so good! I’m a bit of an OJ connoisseur. I grew up in South FL where we had our own citrus trees in our backyard. We would juice them every year. But it needed to be refrigerated and I had a few more stops to make that day.

Outside sign

I did get some citrus, local honey and orange flavored chapstick for myself. I got a bunch of goodies for Christmas gifts too. Their local citrus groves are in Geneva and Fort Pierce. The employees there were so helpful and kind. They bagged it all up in a reusable bag. The stand is only open seasonally so check their website for hours.

Note: This is not sponsored, an ad or hosted.

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