By Melody Larson

Posted 1/1/20

I went to Gatorland in Orlando, FL for the first time recently with my son. He had already been there once on a field trip. There was a FL resident admission discount that made it around $25 total for the two of us. Check their website for deals. The parking is free. However, some of the activities inside Gatorland cost extra such as photos, zip-lining or feeding the animals but I didn’t pay for any of them.

It’s an old FL attraction that is similar to the zoo. We saw gators, deer, racoons, snakes, spiders, emu, goats and tortoises. We didn’t watch any of the shows though. It was amazing to get so close to the gators and to see so many of them. There were baby gators, albino gators and leucistic gators. (AKA white gators.) I was most excited to see the white gators.
We saved the gator themed splash pad with the water guns and water buckets for the end. I brought my son’s swim clothes, a towel and a plastic bag for the wet clothes. There were changing stalls and seating for the parents near the splash pad. My son enjoyed it and we had a fun day.
My only con was that there was not that much vegetarian food choices. But I was able to get by on kid type food like mac-n-cheese, PB&J and the snacks I brought.

Note: This is not sponsored or hosted. All items were paid for personally.