Abby Rose Vintage & Prometheus Esoterica

Posted 1/11/20
By Melody Larson
Deep in the heart of Winter Park on SR 436 in a non-descript shopping plaza………. lies my favorite new store. Abby Rose Vintage is half floral vintage and half macabre. Abby Rose Vintage is the sweet floral side with antiques, diamond costume jewelry, vintage clothes and lace doilies.

Abby Rose Vintage

Then go to the dark side with the spooky oddities Prometheus Esoterica located at the back of the store. So many macabre details! I took my time to look at everything. Promethus Escoterica

There were real skeletons, an ouija board rug, taxidermy animals, Goth clothing, crystal balls, prosthetic legs, ventriloquist dummies, spooky themed coffee and a fake finger necklace. Some items I really liked but other items creeped me out. I thought “hell no would I have that in my house!”  on some items. I hope to attend their Witches and Wizards Market event in March.

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